Positives and Negative for being Quarantined

More than 48,000 deaths have been caused by Covid-19. Across the whole world, countries are taking the precautions and working together to stop the spread. Most countries are doing a shelter-in-place, or quarantining people. Where I live, we are in a shelter-in-place. We cannot drive anywhere unless we are getting food. In this blog, I will talk about some positives and negatives while being quarantined. I’ll start with the positives.


Some positives for being quarantined are spending time with my family. Lately, we have been playing a lot of games, doing adventures like sleeping outside in a tent, and taking tons of walks and picnics. I have also been given some freedoms because my parents have to work almost all day. Personally, sometimes spending too much time with my family can get a little boring. So, during the day, I can play some basketball outside, or reading a book. Another positive is that I have been able to communicate with my friends very well, and I have been able to still do school. And, I have been taking bike rides a lot and spending a lot of time outside.


Some negatives about this virus is that I cant see any of my friends in person, and I haven’t gotten the chance to go to a park, as parks around me have been closed. I also think that I won’t be going back to school as a sixth grader, which is kind of sad, because I have had amazing teachers who have helped me through challenging things, and they have been able to help me with challenging things like online classes.


Even though this is a hard situation that nobody has been through, countries are working hard to keep us safe and stopping the spread. Thanks for reading another blog! Stay safe and healthy :)!

NASA Patch Design- Project!

Hi again, today I will be talking about a project that we did in LA. For this project, we were supposed to create a space mission and explain where we are going and what there Patch Design would be. A patch design is like the logo of the mission, here is an example:

That is the Apollo 11 symbol. Usually the patch designs have something that lets the person looking know where you are going or what the mission type is. In this project, I worked with my friend Nick and we made a pretty neat patch design and mission type. Here is the screenshots of our design:

Here is the description:

Here is the Patch Design. It is a spaceship in space, with firey stars and and the spaceship is going to Pluto, the goal of this mission..

Creature Feature

Hello AGAIN!! Today I will be talking about a project in LA called Creature Feature, where we drew a creature that can live on a planet or moon or dwarf planet. We had to make it so that our creature could actually live there. We were supposed to make 2 creatures, and it was a fun one! Our teacher let us do anything we wanted, as long as it was school appropriate! I like these kinds of projects because I like using my creativity! I put my life forms in one of Jupiter moons, Io. Anyways, here are my Creatures, with descriptions:

Thanks for reading!

Create Your Own Roller Coaster! -Project!

Hello! Now I will be talking about a create your own roller coaster project that we did in LA. The instruction were too create a roller coaster using pencil and paper or make a model or even do a Minecraft Roller Coaster! I decided to make a Minecraft roller coaster. The theme is about you getting picked by the FBI to investigate what happened to Old Steve Miner, who was a crazy man who would come out of his house everyday, but then he didn’t come out of his house and nobody has heard from him in 2 years. FBI picks you to investigate. It turns out he’s alive and fine, but he was really mad at you breaking into his house and the whole roller coaster is you running away from Old Steve Miner, going up and down massive drops, but there s more information from the screenshots I took and I put a paragraph describing it. So, here it is!


Create Your Own Constellation! -Project

Hello, today I am making a blog post about a project over remote learning that we did. In this project we were supposed to make your OWN constellation, and describe the origins of where it cam form. We were supposed to draw our constellation of stars and describe it. I did 2 constellations- a constellation about a bird and a goblet that saved his life. I wont talk about the origins, because here it is:

Thanks for reading!!! Stay Safe! Peace

Late Start Day in February

A few months ago, our school had a late start. After we had our late start, we went to a museum called the Nasher Art Museum. When we got there, we were split into a few groups. We went through station exploring the art and we talked about the art as a group, like what we saw in the painting or sculpture, and then we learned what it is from, like if it is off of a religion or if it is based off a real time that happened in history. One painting that really stood out to me was a picture that was New York around 1935 in the Great Depression, and there were some people you could see that were doing fine, but there were a lot of people living in a “city” close to New York, and it was called “Unemploymentville” where a bunch of people were hanging around and looked like they didn’t have a job or a home. Overall, the museum was a great time, and I think they did a great job at explaining about what the paintings were off of, and they were very nice and answered any of our questions.

Taken by Nasher Art Museum


After visiting the Nasher art Museum, we came back to the campus and saw a presentation from an author named Scott Reintgen. He presented some of his books and gave us a cool background information of himself. He explained some books he had and then, if we prepaid for it, got a signed copy of his book called Ashlords. I read Ashlords, and it was a very good book about Phoenix-horse thingies that, when they died, they could be revived, and they died every night. You could also add stuff that could make it so that your Phoenix had armor, or it could run faster, and stuff like that. Mrs. Williams dont submit this because I still need to put in the Hidden Figures paragraph. I had to submit this because the “save” button doesn’t show up to me



Science Project: SOUND WALL!!!

Hello again! Today I am going to talk about a science project that our science class been working on for a while. We worked on a sound wall project. The purpose of this project was to make something for the lower school (elementary school) at our school. A while ago, we went to a place called the scrap exchange. The Scrap Exchange is a place where you can get old scraps like buckets, old dolls, golf sticks, baseball bats, and more! At the Scrap Exchange, we got $10 to spend on old things for a sound wall. If you don’t know what a sound wall is, it is basically a wall with items you can play music with. 

After we bought our items for our Music Wall, we went back to ur campus. A few weeks later, we had painted our wall and we got into groups to make things that made sound. We finally finished with our items that we would play music with (by the way, we made things like drums, maracas, xylophones, and more!), and we were ready to put them on our wall. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish finish our project because school was let out and I haven’t gone back to school since. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of our wall.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe!

The Best Fit Comic

Hello! I’m back again! This time, I’ll be sharing my Comic with you. Around the start of the school year, our teacher introduced us to Wisdom Tales. Wisdom Tales is a big book with little stories inside of it. Each story has their own moral or lesson. About a month ago, we learned about Photoshop. We learned the cool things that we can do with it. Then, we started our comic about a Wisdom Tale. We all picked one Wisdom Tale to do with Photoshop, then we made all of the scenes of the Wisdom Tale we picked using Photoshop. I got “The Best Fit.” Then, we used an application called Comic Life. Using Comic Life, we made a comic. We took screenshots of all of the scenes that we made in Photoshop, then we inserted the screenshots into Comic Life. Here is my Comic from Comic Life and Photoshop:


Thanks for reading my blog! Stay tuned for more posts! Bye for now!

My Trip to the Renaissance Fair

About one month ago, my family, except for my mom, went out to a Renaissance Fair. What was the Renaissance? The Renaissance was a time in Europe where people started to come out of the “Dark Ages,” which was a period of time where people were hurt poor killed because they made art, and the Renaissance was the 3 centuries where people stopped killing people because they made art.

So, true Renaissance Fair was a fair where there were cool art sculptures, jousting, and more! This Renaissance Fair was a travel fair. It went a all over the place, and it came to Huntersville, NC, USA. At the Renaissance Fair, there were multiple things to do. There were live shows to watch, like magic shows, hypnotizing shows, and more!

When my dad, my sister, and my brother decided to go see the hypnosis show, we didn’t expect anything like what we saw and did. The hypnotist called up a bunch of people,, including my dad! They all did this test to see if they were “worthy” to be hypnotized. Then, the hypnotist put them in chairs, and he started to do something to make my dad and the other people get hypnotized. All of them got hypnotized, but they were still in their seats, alive, hearing, seeing, and feeling everything. Little did they know that they were hypnotized. Then, the hypnotist came around to everyone, pulled their arm, then said the magic word. “Sleep.” When he said that, everyone on the stage fell asleep. It was the best! It was so cool! Then, he did a bunch of other tricks. One time he said, “Brrrrrrr. Its cold! It’s so cold that you have to grab someone and hug them to keep you warm. So then, my dad hugged with this other guy on the stage sitting next to him, and the guy next to him hugged him back. That was just one of the funny things that hypnotist did, but know I’m going to move on to the jousting part.

Jousting was a sport that was created in 1066, by a French man named Godfrey de Preuilly. Jousting is a sport where there are 2 people on horses on different sides of a 3-foot wall. Each person has about a 5 foot long lance, which they tried to hit their opponent with. So, a jouster on their horse would tell the horse to start running, and in the middle of the wall, they would try to hit the other opponent to make them fall of their horse or hit them hard enough that they give up or they, in really rare cases, die. This sport was used to settle arguments between colonies in Europe. It stopped then from going into war.

Anyway, I got to see a jousting happened. Unfortunately, this was all planned out, so they knew who won, and it was never anonymous of who one. But, it didn’t take much of the fun out of watching it! It was very fun! Here is a picture of the jousting we watched:

Photo by my sister! 🙂

Thank you for reading this blog about my trip to the Renaissance Fair. If you hear that there is a Renaissance Fair coming near you, please consider going if you can! Stay tuned for more blog posts! 🙂

Roller Coasters

“Movie World Gold Coast-19+” by Sheba_Also 43,000 photos is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


“roller coaster” by hounddiggity is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


Roller Coasters. Unimaginable. Stunning. Amazing. That list of words could go no forever abut roller coasters. I love roller coasters, and that’s why I decided to write a blog post about them.

How many of you like roller coasters? Personally, I think they are one of the best inventions made. The ups, downs, twisty-turnies are so fun. Roller coasters are like your favorite ice cream. It’s so good, and you just can’t get enough of it. At least, that’s what I think.


Now, I’ll give you a brief history of roller coasters. The idea of roller coasters was formulated in Russia. In Russia, some people made a slide-ish type of ride, constructed by hills and ice. The first ever roller coaster was made in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. The first one was made in 1884 by Marcus Thompson. That roller coaster was just a wooden, shaky one. The passengers would pay 83 cents to have one ride (which a decent amount of money back then) on the Switchback Railway. Passengers would get into the cart, no seat belt or harness, at 30 feet high, then would go down. The coaster could reach up to 5 mph. So, it was pretty slow compared to our whopping 149 mph roller coaster in Dubai. Here is a picture:


Some roller coaster records:

Tallest roller coaster: Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, 418 feet


Fastest Roller coaster: Formula Rossa, 149 mph, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi



Longest Roller coaster: Steel Dragon 2000, 8133 ft long, Nagashima Spa Land, Japan



Steepest roller coaster: Takabisha, Fuji-Q Highland, Fuji, Japan, 121 degrees



Most inversions in one roller coaster: The Smiler, Alton Towers, Staffordshire, UK, 12 inversions


Thank you for reading my blog about roller coasters. I love roller coasters! I hope you have a great day and bye!